So, I’m like, still on Facebook after all!

14 May

OK, so I haven’t left Facebook just yet. I’ve tweaked and edited every single setting possible so that I feel like I have more control over what goes on with my profile. I’ll attempt to help educate people about Facebooks’ Evil ways so everyone can do the same to protect themselves. (I’ve personally gone a step further and removed all photos)

Frankly, Facebook does have it’s upsides (events, photo sharing and keeping in touch to name a few) and it’s a very important social network to just simply walk away from. Deep down inside I have *some* hope that Facebook will change its tune eventually and put the users best interests in mind instead of their own.

If not, there will be Diaspora coming later this summer!

First things first, change/check your settings;

– How to put you Facebook profile on LOCKDOWN.

– CAREFUL: Facebook’s New Settings Publish Your Interests, Even If They’re Private

Essential settings to protect yourself. I cannot stress how important it is to change most, if not all, of these settings. If you’ve already done so, good for you. But if you’re in the “I don’t care enough” camp, don’t be so foolish and take 5 minutes to check your privacy settings. FarmVille can wait, it’ll still be there when you get back from your privacy settings page.

I will also post some articles and sites in the next little while that will highlight just how bad Facebook has become over the years…

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